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Pienza e Monticchiello

Pienza, little town in the Siena area, is an example of rare renaissance urban planning brought to light. Defined the Ideal City or Utopia, it represents today the search during the renaissance period of the life and government of an ideal city on Earth, able to respond to the desire of peaceful living and hard-working men. The museums of the city are worth a visit.

Its collocation in the middle of the Val d’Orcia well expresses the importance during the Humanistic period of the relation between Nature and Man.

Monticchiello was, during the etruscan and roman periods, an important crossroad for commercial traffic. Far more medieval tan its renaissance sister Pienza.

Its fortress and important defensive system brought this little town to be an significant barrier for the Republic of Siena and when it passes under the protection of Siena Monticchiello’s history begins.