Place of Cantagallina
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Bagno Vignoni

The name of this ancient village derives from Vignoni, famous castle in XI century, whose traces dominate the height over the village, and from thermal waters used since the roman age, as they testify numerous archaeological find that they are found in the Chigi collection of Siena, National Archaeological Museum. Near the bathtub are disposed the residences, the inns and later the St John Baptist church where currently is possible to see the restored fragment of revived Christ attributed to Ventura Salimbeni.
The country is really suggestive especially near the twilight hours, when the main public square that contains a bathtub with thermal waters, colors itself of the glares of the evening creating an evocative atmosphere. To side of the public square a thermal plant rises where, with waters sulfate-bicarbonate-alkaline-terrose reumatiche and arthritic affections are cured.