Place of Cantagallina
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Located in one of the most colorful angles of the Umbria, in panoramic position on a spur of the Subasio mount, is a silent and calm country. For its monuments, the evocative atmosphere that the pervade, the mystical memories of San Francisco, the grace of the landscape, constitutes one of the goals of the region.

The "San Francisco Basilica" is one of the sanctuaries more venerated of the Christian. The Basilica is constituted from two overhanging buildings, that advanced is gotico while that inferior is Romanesque, constructed to leave from 1128. In the crypt there is the simple sarcofago with encloses the body of San Francisco. In order to honor the Santo they were calls the maximum artists at the end of the XIII and XIV century, like Cimabue, Giotto, the Lorenzetti siblings, Simone Martini.
The period of greater splendor was that communal one. They were elevated walls of defense, it builds up arrogant palaces to you and it assumed an important role trades them and agricultural. It was governed from the consuls elected from the people, even if often the peace was upsotten from fights between fractions avails again and had to support long wars with the common neighbors, especially with Perugia, in order to maintain the own sovereignty. Just in those times, 1182, you nacque San Francisco from one rich family of merchants. Noble been born instead it had them Santa Chiara, that it saw the light in 1194. XIV century saw to flow to Assisi the greater artists, in order to celebrate the Gloria of the Poverello, whose order had very soon crossed the borders of Italy.
The Rocca Maggiore probably rises on the same place of one fortification umbra. In the feudale period it accommodated the getlteman of the city. It came destroyed when Assisi has been elected free common. It was reconstructed to leave from XIV century, when the cardibale Albornoz, for order of the Pope, restored the defensive system of the papal state.

The Basilica di Santa Chiara was consecrated in 1265. The facade, in stone of Assisi, to horizontal bands, is much simple one, like the inside, than manifest the print of the Franciscan austerity. Interesting it frescoes to it. In crypt can venerare the body of the Santa, while in the Chapel of the Reliquie there is the "Crocefisso" that will spoke with San Francisco.